In traveling, there shouldn’t be a waiting period on your benefits, therefore, with MTS, they are available from the first day of your employment.

- Health Insurance- major medical and we pay the full amount for the therapist

- Vision/ Dental- paid in full for the therapist

- Housing- generous housing allowance that is tax-free, based on location and determined by the IRS

- Licensing- we pay for state license during the term of our contract

- Continuing Education- we offer reimbursement during the term of our contract

- Relocation Expense- let us pay for your moving expenses

- Referral bonuses- refer a therapist and receive a cash bonus from us


Our pay is based on experience, skills and education, as well as location and particular facility. The first goal is to find out your desires and needs, then we search for the facility or location that best meet those needs. We strive to provide you with the best compensation packages possible based on your abilities and needs.